Nelson Mandela Class 10 MCQ

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Nelson Mandela Class 10 MCQ

Important for HSLC Exam: Nelson Mandela Class 10 MCQ

1. What is “Apartheid”?
(A) Racial discrimination in the political system
(B) Freedom movement in S. Africa
(C) Oath ceremony of Nelson Mandela
(D) None of the above.
Ans: (A) Racial discrimination in the political system

2. What does “White Supremacy” mean by the author?
(A) White Amphitheatre
(B) Domination of white people in Society
(C) Domination of white people in Politics
(D) Treat every color people the same
Ans: (B) Domination of white people in Society

3. The desire for freedom of the people transformed:
(A) an animal into a man
(B) a frightened leader into a minister
(C) a frightened young man into a bold one
(D) a man into a woman
Ans: (C) a frightened young man into a bold one

4. According to Mandela, what is the greatest wealth of a nation?
(C) diamonds
(B) gems
(D) people
Ans: (D) people

5. Why other Nations discontinued relations with South Africa before Nelson’s struggle for apartheid?
(A) Home war
(B) Racial discrimination
(C) Political instability
(D) Colonial Rule
Ans: (B) Racial discrimination

6. Here people are compared with
(A) Minerals and Gems
(B) Money
(C) Animals
(D) Jewels
Ans: (A) Minerals and Gems

7. What brought international leaders
to South Africa?
(A) Racism
(C) Love
(B) Trade
(D) End of Apartheid
Ans: (D) End of Apartheid

8. A prisoner of hatred takes away
(A) Money
(B) Freedom of man
(C) Love
(D) All of the above
Ans: (B) Freedom of man

9. Which flame can be hidden but not extinguished as per Mandela?
(A) Goodness
(C) Humanity
(B) Love
(D) Mankind
Ans: (A) Goodness

10. Depths of oppression create
(A) Poverty
(B) Heights of character
(C) Freedom
(D) Revolution
Ans: (B) Heights of character

11. Choose the name of Mandela’s party?
(A) African National Congress
(B) US National Congress
(C) Indian National Congress
(D) Didn’t join any party
Ans: (A) African National Congress

12. Where did ceremonies take place?
(A) Sandstone amphitheater
(B) New amphitheater
(C) Opera house
(D) None of the above
Ans: (A) Sandstone amphitheater

13. Number of deputy presidents elected is –
(A) Four
(C) One
(B) Five
(D) Two
Ans: (A) Four

14. How does Nelson Mandela define the meaning of courage?
(A) Triumph over fear
(B) Triumph over love
(C) Triumph over selfish
(D) Triumph over poverty
Ans: (A) Triumph over fear

15. Why is it easy to learn to love?
(A) Because it comes naturally
(B) Because they are fewer in number
(C) Because you have the will to do this.
(D) None of the Above
Ans: (A) Because it comes naturally

16. I’m here refers to:
(A) Mbeki
(B) Kierk
(C) Zenani
(D) Nelson Mandela
Ans: (D) Nelson Mandela

17. Full name of Nelson Mandela was…….
(A) Nelson Morken Mandela
(B) Nelson Herchelle Mandela
(C) Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
(D) Nelson Butcher Mandela
Ans : (C) Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

18. On which day Nelson Mandela took oath as President of South Africa?
(A) 10th March
(B) 10th May
(C) 10th June
(D) 10 January
Ans : (B) 10th May

19. Why did Mandela put freedom for the country before freedom for the family?
(A) Felt the pain of his citizens
(B) Impact of apartheid during prison days
(C) Had an Anti-Western mindset
(D) Had less love for family
Ans: (A) Felt the pain of his citizens

20. How many National Song(s) were sung during the oath ceremony?
(A) One
(C) Two
(B) Three
(D) Four
Ans: (C) Two

21. In his long speech, what does Nelson Mandela said about decades-old
brutality on blacks of Africa?
(A) Isolated Africa from West
(B) Came closer to starvation
(C) Flame of revolution rose
(D) Created supernatural courage, wisdom & generosity
Ans: (D) Created supernatural courage, wisdom & generosity

22. In whom Nelson Mandela had seen a glimpse of humanity?
(A) Guard
(B) Relative
(C) Townspeople
(D) God
Ans: (A) Guard

23. Choose the name who fought with Mandela against Racism?
(A) Chief Luthuli
(B) Bram Fischer
(C) Robert Sobukwe
(D) All of the above
Ans: (D) All of the above

24. The word ‘curtailed’ means:
(A) increased
(C) reduced
(B) opposed
(D) enlarged
Ans: (C) reduced

25. What comes more naturally to the heart according to Mandela?
(A) hatred
(C) love
(B) unity
(D)racial discrimination
Ans: (C) love

26. The freedom of the author, who was
a black was:
(A) curtailed
(B) sanctioned
(C) opposed
(D) supported
Ans: (A) curtailed

27. A man who takes away another man’s freedom is
(A) White
(B) a prisoner of hatred
(C) criminal
(D) rude
Ans: (B) a prisoner of hatred

28. The inauguration was to celebrate the installation of:
(A) South Africa’s first capitalist govt.
(B) South Africa’s first democratic govt.
(C) South Africa’s first communist govt
(D) none of the above
Ans: (B) South Africa’s first democratic govt.

29. What pledge Nelson Mandela took on 10th May 1994 and asked people also to pledge?
(A) To continue the fight against the rotten political system
(B) Liberate people from suffering, poverty, and discrimination
(C) To live and let live for white people
(D) To pray for god for S. Africa
Ans: (B) Liberate people from suffering, poverty, and discrimination

30. What diplomatic things did
What does Mandela say in his speech on the Western Countries?
(A) Racial policies framed by white people on dark-skinned people
(B) Physical harassment by white people in entire Africa
(C) Keeping South African people away from their own democratic rights
(D) All of the above
Ans: (D) All of the above

31. To whom Nelson Mandela wanted
to say “Special thanks” in his speech but could not do it?
(A) African Patriots
(B) African Army
(C) African Politicians
(D) Western Nations for giving special status to S. Africa
Ans: (A) African Patriots

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