The Fun They Had MCQ

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Today in this article, we are going to discuss the important MCQ on The Fun They Had. So, we are going to provide you with The Fun They Had MCQ for the Class 9 Final Exam 2023.

The Fun They Had MCQ 2023 Final Exam

“The Fun They Had” is a thought-provoking short story written by Isaac Asimov, which takes us on a journey to the future where education has evolved drastically. Through the lens of MCQs, the story explores themes of technology, human connection, and the impact of change on traditional education systems.

In this blog post, we will analyze the significance of MCQs within the context of “The Fun They Had.” We will delve into the various aspects of the story and how MCQs shape the characters’ understanding of knowledge, their experiences, and the broader implications for education as a whole.

The Fun They Had MCQ

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So, get ready to embark on an intellectual exploration of “The Fun They Had MCQ.” Join us as we unravel the layers of this captivating story and delve into the role of MCQs in shaping the future of education.

Important MCQ: The Fun They Had

1. Margie had a kind of diary which was

(a) digital
(b) analogous
(c) electronic
(d) mathematical
Ans: (c) electronic.

2. Margie had never seen the ‘real book’.So she

(a) felt excited
(b) Wanted to see
(c) Wanted to have
(d) Wrote about it in her diary
Ans: (d) Wrote about it in her diary.

3. The book was
(a) new
(b) beautiful
(c) very old
(d) interesting
Ans: (a) Very old.

4. The pages of the real book were
(a) soft
(b) dry
(c) muddy
(d) Yellow and crinkled.
Ans: (d) Yellow and crinkled.

5. Margic’s book could be read-only
(a) on television screen
(b) on paper
(c) With the teacher’s help
(d) manually
Ans: (a) on the television screen.

6. Why were the pages of the real book yellow?
(a) Because the book was very old
(b) Because the book was printed on yellow paper.
(c) Because time had dried them
(d) Because the colour was preferable.
Ans: (a) Because the book was very old.

7. Why did the words of the real book stand still?
(a) Because they were digital.
(b) For reader’s utility.
(c) Because they were printed on paper.
(d) Because they were printed on a screen
Ans: (c) Because they were printed on paper.

8. What according to Tommy will someone do after going through with the book?
(a) Preserve
(b) give it to somebody
(c) Throw it away
(d) burn it
Ans: (c) Throw it away.

9. A tale book can be read
(a) With the parent’s help
(b) on a camera
(c) on a television screen
(d) as the real book can be
Ans: (c) on a television screen.

10. How old was Margie?
(a) ten years
(b) eleven years
(c) twelve years
(d) thirteen years
Ans: (b) eleven years.

11. How old was Tommy?
(a) ten years
(b) eleven years
(c) twelve years
(d) thirteen years
Ans: (d) thirteen years.

12. What was the real book about?
(a) Shop
(b) School
(c) Library
(d) Office
Ans: (b) School.

13. Who had been giving Margie test after test?
(a) Her mother
(b) Her father
(c) The mechanical teacher
(d) Her tutor
Ans: (c) The mechanical teacher.

14. Who was a round little man with a red face?
(a) Her tutor
(b) The headmaster
(c) The county inspector
(d) The mechanical teacher
Ans: (c) The county inspector.

15. What did the County inspector do?
(a) gave Margie chocolate
(b) sent for teacher
(c) took the teacher apart
(d) began teaching
Ans: (c) took the teacher apart.

16. What did Margie hate most?
(a) The teacher
(b) The school
(c) The inspector
(d) The slot
Ans: (d) The slot.

17. When did Margie learn punch code?
(a) a year ago
(b) When she was six years old.
(c) two years ago
(d) When she was ten years old.
Ans: (b) When she was six years old.

18. Who calculated marks for her?
(a) The inspector
(b) Her tutor
(c) The mechanical teacher
(d) The examiner
Ans: (c) The mechanical teacher.

19. The problem with Margie’s mechanical teacher was that-
(a) it was not working properly
(b) it was slow
(c) it had been geared a little too quickly
(d) She disliked it.
Ans: (c) it had been geared a little too quickly.

20. Margie’s progress was
(a) slow
(b) fast
(c) too quick
(d) satis factory
Ans: (d) Satis factory.

22. How did Tommy look at Margie with?
(a) surprise
(b) an easy mood
(c) pleasure
(d) very superior eyes
Ans: (d) very superior eyes.

23. Who was a teacher during those days?
(a) a man
(b) a digital teacher
(c) a mechanical teacher
(d) a county inspector
Ans: (a) a man.

24. What was the special building?
(a) hostel
(b) School
(c) office
(d) residence
Ans: (a) School.

25. Each kid had to be taught-
(a) Seriously
(b) nicely
(c) equally
(d) differently
Ans: (d) differently.

26. Where was Margie’s schoolroom?
(a) in a big building
(b) in a field
(c) next to her bedroom
(d) in their bedroom
Ans: (c) next to her bedroom.

27. What was Margie thinking about?
(a) holidays
(b) The real book
(c) The old schools
(d) Tommy
Ans: (c) The old schools.

28. Little children learn better when they learn-
(a) at home
(b) at School
(c) at regular hours
(d) Joyfully
Ans: (c) at regular hours.

29. What did the kids learn together in the early days?
(a) mathematics
(b) history
(c) language
(d) The same thing
Ans: (d) The same thing.

30. What was Margie thinking about?
(a) The mechanical teacher
(b) Tommy
(c) her school
(d) The fun they had
Ans: (d) The fun they had.

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