A Letter to God Class X English: MCQ, Summary & Question Answer

Hello, my dear students! I hope you are doing so well. Today in this lecture, I am going to give you a short summary of “A Letter to God” which is about chapter 1 in Class X English. This chapter is related to God.

Before starting the discussion on the topic we need to know the author of this chapter. The author of the lesson is Gregorio Lopez Fuentes. He was born on November 17, 1897, and died on December 10, 1966. And he was a famous Mexican novelist, Poet, and journalist. He was one of the leading Chroniclers of leading Mexican Revolution

A Letter to God Class X English

A Letter to God- Summary & Vocabulary

Do you know why the summary of any chapter is very important? Actually, the concept is power & that’s why we need to know the summaries of any chapter for better understanding. So, let’s begin Class X English Chapter 1.

The whole stories about poor farmer Lencho and his faith. He lives in a small house on the top of the hill. When his crop is ready to yield, rainfall occurred and soon it turned into a hailstorm and spoiled the entire crop and it posed threats to family survival. They all had faith in God and Lencho who is a hard worker and also knows how to write decided to write a letter to God.

For as he knows, that God will help him. So he went to the post office and addresses the letter “To God” explaining the situation and asked for 100 poses from God as he helped and dropped it into the post box.

The postman who saw this letter had attempted to the official and he was asked if he was amiable for any contribution as an act of charity. He also collected 70 poses from his colleagues and he wrapped all these poses into the envelope. The postmen send as a reply from God. Lencho, who is a poor farmer, went eagerly to see if he got any reply from God or not.

When the postman delivered the envelope he was amused and then got angry as there are fewer amounts. And again wrote a letter that the money he sent would not be enough and to send the remaining. He also mentions not to send it to me through the mail because of the post office employee’s bunch of crooks.

Important Vocabulary from “A Letter to God”

Draped- Covered
Locusts -Insects that fly in big swamps and destroy crops
Conscience- An inner sense of right and wrong
Peso- Currency of several Latin American countries
Amiable- Friendly and present
Contentment –Satisfaction


Have you ever experienced a situation like this? If so, remember those things and have a heart full smile on your face. So, this is the short summary of Class X English Chapter 1- A Letter to God.

The concept that we have to learn is “True faith in God will be rewarded through Charity of other men” but having discontent will lead to misery. “Faith can move mountains” will not be true for everyone every time.

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