English Grammar

If you are a student or a teacher then you must know that English Grammar is the backbone of the English language. You know how is our backbone helping us to stand as English Grammar helps us to form any kind form sentence in the English language.

Yes, welcome back to another interesting topic on our educational website Assamese Medium. Today in this lecture, we will discuss how English Grammar is helping us and why should we learn it. Moreover, we will discuss where you can learn English Grammar without any cost.

Class 10 English Grammar

Grammar Syllabus [SEBA & AHSEC Course]

Why English Grammar is important?

Just imagine, you’re telling a friend an amazing story, and you just get to the best part when suddenly he interrupts, “The alien and I,” not “Me and the alien.” Most of us would probably be annoyed, but aside from the rude interruption, does your friend have a point? Was your sentence actually grammatically incorrect? And if he still understood it, why does it even matter?

Different languages have different patterns. In English, the subject normally comes first, followed by the verb, and then the object, while in Japanese and many other languages, the order is subject, object, and verb.

Some scholars have tried to identify patterns common to all languages, but apart from some basic features, like having nouns or verbs, few of these so-called linguistic universals have been found. And while any language needs consistent patterns to function, the study of these patterns opens up an ongoing debate between two positions known as prescriptivism and descriptivism.

Grossly simplified, prescriptivists think a given language should follow consistent rules, while descriptivists see variation and adaptation as a natural and necessary part of the language.

For much of history, the vast majority of language was spoken. But as people became more interconnected and writing gained importance, written language was standardized to allow broader communication and ensure that people in different parts of a realm could understand each other.

In many languages, this standard form came to be considered the only proper one, despite being derived from just one of many spoken varieties, usually that of the people in power. Language purists worked to establish and propagate this standard by detailing a set of rules that reflected the established grammar of their times. And rules for written grammar were applied to spoken language, as well.

An Important Point

We are not here to describe the importance and other relevant things in English Grammar. We are here just to say to you that English Grammar is a very important part of your spoken and written English and you have to consider it.

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Conclusion for English Grammar

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